‘FANUSH’ celebration in Meherpur


With family, about myself, society, country and loved ones in the dream of thousands of funnels written by thousands of young people and the Meherpur’s sky is fully coloured.

On Friday (June seventh) night, composed an air Balloon celebration volunteer association named ‘Swapno’ in Meherpur Shahid Shamsujoha Park.

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain, MP of Meherpur-1 constituency, spoke as the chief guest. He said to the young people of dreams, people live through dreams. The future of terrorism, drug and militancy will be liberated through dreamers.

He said that the start of Bangladesh from Mujibnagar, Meherpur. From here we also want to start the good work. There has been a lot of development in Meherpur. Nowadays, law and order situation is so good that no one can imagine this before. This trend has to be continued. Children should have a good dream from the family. Parents should be aware that children do not go astray.

Recognized writer Tuhin Aranye, establishing leader of the Swapno, stated, “I dream to make the nation, we should begin on the canvas of my little dreams, the fantasy is proceeding in the lovely Meherpur.” We are committing the present celebration in the expectation of making psychological warfare, medication and sans militancy Meherpur.

Meherpur District Citizen Public Private Partnership Authority (PPP) Chief Executive Officer Md. Alkama Siddiqui, Director General of Foreign Ministry Jahangir Alam, Meherpur Police Super Mostafizur Rahman and Meherpur District Samity President of Dhaka, eminent industrialist Ziaul Haque.

The Chief Coordinator of the Shawpno Mr Mostaqur Rahman Tushar conveyed the appreciated discourse. Talking on the event, the President of Swapno, columnist Riaz Ul Bashar Taposh and General Secretary Altaf Mahmud talked. Muhiminul Rahman Abir was available in the program.

Swapno is a community who are doing social work based on Bangladesh. This is a strong community of young people

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