BJSC will Illuminate the image of Stamford University


Permanent members of the newly formed committee of the BJSC Stamford Parliament met the President of Stamford University Journalism Department Professor Kazi Abdul Mannan on a courtesy visit.

On Monday (Monday) at 10 am, journalism students of the organization BJSC leaders organized a courtesy call. They handed over the Annual Calendar of BJSC to the hands of Kazi Abdul Mannan.

In this time, Kazi Abdul Mannan Acclaimed the activities of BJSC and also said, “BJSC Stamford is illuminating the image of Stamford University through various programs to other universities. I hope this activity will continue, the role of the organization will play a vital role in the development of the students. “

BJSC Stamford President Aminur Rahman Ridoy, Vice President MD Ridoy  Samrat, General Secretary Hasan Wali, Joint General Secretary Linty Hasina, SK Shaon, Mesbah Hassan were also present.

It is to be noted that on May 25, Aminur Rahman Ridoy President and Hassan Wali, was made the General Secretary, a year-long committee was approved by the BJSC central parliament.

Bjsc  is a platform of the journalism student community. some of the want to make a community to every student in the diffrent university who are reading on journalism

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