Fielding after winning the toss, what is the role of the result?


Mashrafe took the field after winning the toss today against West Indies. In the last match, against England, the same decision was taken and faces of some criticism of the Bangladesh captain. But today decided to take the field after winning the toss is how much impact on the result of the match in the World Cup?

Mashrafe has decided to bowl against West Indies today. The beginning was not too bad. ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle quickly returned in the first ten overs and also grip a good control of the Caribbean. But with the same decision, the previous match was not a bad situation in Bangladesh!

Mashrafes defended the decision against England by digging a huge 106-run defeat. After a huge defeat, the usual criticism started. Toss decision is the centre of criticism But how much the team management can be blamed for getting that?

Pakistan’s World Cup winning captain Imran Khan tweeted a few tweets before the match between India and Pakistan yesterday. Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed won the toss and advised batting. But Sarfraz Ahmed did not take that advice, as he won the toss and took fielding like most teams. Everyone is making an argument behind this. And this is turning the World Cup into a rain cup.

Unfavourable weather most of the time that the wicket is wearing the veil. So, using the pitch moisture, the tendency to bowl at the beginning is seen in the teams. Before today’s match, in 16 of the 22 matches, the captain invited the opponent to bat first. Out of 16 matches, 15 matches were played and one match went off in rain.

The result was that in the 15 matches, the fielding team won six matches, while the opposite rate was 9. After Winning the toss and make batting first is losing the twice in three matches

One thing that comes out during this period is that it does not play a role in determining victory and defeat in batting or fielding, winning the toss at the end of the day. Because bowling attack should be used to exploit the moisture advantage of the pitch, filled with speed and variety. It is unfortunate to blame the decision of the toss.

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