Stamford’s Masum received the honourable tribute journalist award


Indigenous Affairs Journalist Reputation, Stamford University Journalism Department student Saiful Islam Masum wrote the news about indigenous misery. Masum is working daily newspaper as a reporter. The organization honoured the Institute for Environment and Development (IED) in the Hall Room of the World Literary Center in the capital on Thursday.

On the basis of indigenous issues, 12 journalists were honoured for the report published in various print and electronic media on August 1, 2018-April, 2019.

In the Daily Khola Kagoj with “KORA” people, the report titled ‘Rajara, who is stealing the treasure of kora people,’ has been included in the best three of all the report.

Presided by Khandaker Muniruzzaman, Acting Editor of Daily Sangbad, and Honorary Ceremony of the work of IED Assistant Coordinator, Harendranath Singh, and the editor of Khola Kagoj also talking on various ways of it. and General Secretary of Bangladesh Aboriginal Forum Sanjeeb Drong, joint convenor of the initiative, Luna Noor, child Kishore organizer Dr Leleen Chowdhury and Bangladesh Indigenous Forum, including the general secretary. Gajendranath Mahato was present.

Daily Khola Kagoj editor Dr Kamal Rashid Shahin said, “I had no idea about such a program before. As a result of this, I became interested in myself. Everyone needs to carry forward this work together. This event will serve as a stimulant for the society and the nation. As a result, the government will also get a glimpse of the indigenous people in the future.

Concerning the work, Saiful Islam Masum said, “Any recognition is joyful. IED’s appreciation encouraged me. Want to highlight the hardships of working people in the marginal areas of the people in the newspapers. Those who are neglected, want to make the voice of those voiceless people.

The last year student of Stamford University Journalism Department, Masum, was born in South Charchanga village of Hatia Upazila of Noakhali. Father Abul Kashem, a Sonali bank officer and mother Shahnaz Begum housewife. He is the second son of them.

The young journalist from the marginal area has already worked as a feature writer in the Daily Ittefaq, Kaler Kantho, along with several national dailies in the country. Masum is currently serving as president of the Stamford University Journalists Forum.

Among others, Daily Star’s Naimul Karim was the first among the indigenous journalists to be honoured, the second was Vishakha Debnath of the same magazine. Among others, Sanjay Kumar Barua of the Daily Star, Mehedi Hasan of the Prothomalo, Halim Al Razi of the Dhaka Tribune, Saeed Shaheen of the Bonik Barta, Mostafa Sabuj of Daily Star, Saiful Islam of the Daily Tribune, Shakil Murad of Ekattar channel, Malek Mithu of DBS and Himel Chakma of Independent TV .

” Khola kajog, daily open newspaper. The Kora, Khora or Cora was one of the ten indigenous tribes of the Great Andamanese people, originally living on the eastern part of North Andaman Island in the Indian Ocean. The tribe is now extinct, although some of the remaining Great Andamanese on Strait Island claim to have Kora ancestors. indigenous people originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

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