The Bull Shit Story About Dark And Light


It is fully dark, I have seen several things when I am in dark. Every person fears in dark. Because they think dark will harm them. It’s not about fearing from the ghost or other things, also they cant not give special reason for fearing the dark. Exactly the true facts are there is no reason to fear the dark. But they do, they are fear the dark.

Because they don`t want to show the reality of light. They just want to wear a cover on their eyes, show the other people they are happy. But they are going to very deep in the dark and sometime later they will asleep in dark. But if you want to cross the river of dark then you must come into it. And you have to figure out everything before the dark will arrive in your dream. To see the reality of light. If you want to see the reality of light then you must visit in dark.

So for these reasons every day, every minute, every second we are falling love in dark. Because somebody told me, the metal is getting strong when it has burned. So we have to visit in dark to find out the light.

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